Wemyss Skiff build

November 7, 2019 - 10:00 am
Kings Lynn

As mentioned at the meeting I’m up for another session this Thursday and suggest a 10.00 am start, finishing when we all drift away.

I don’t propose to stay for any evening work unless somebody notifies me in which case we can view it as a separate session.

Comments and alternative suggestions welcome.

It might be an idea to let me know if you propose to come later.

I hope all attendees have their own keys, otherwise there is the possibility having to wait should I or others be late. If you don’t have keys and need a set Julian it’s best to contact Julian to start with.

Progress wise the building frame is levelled up and I think the next job is tidying up the ribs which will soon become a permanent fixture. The round corners where the planks go need squaring up and odd areas need filling where the glue wasn’t quite sufficient to fill the gaps which we will not be able to do once they are permanently in place. 

We also need to get the first air of planks scarfed and glued together.


See to Thursday,