KLCRC Membership

We are a friendly and active club which seeks to be involved with our community and other like clubs. We are casual except with health and safety where we have common sense rules. Our constitution can be found under “About KLCRC”. We encourage you to try out our rowing before committing and you will find our sessions (and social gatherings) under ‘Calendar of events’. We are a very new club and are still finding our feet. We are still figuring out where and when we row, meet and interact with our community. Please don’t hesitate to ask us questions.

Membership fees (as of 1st April 2017)
Full Individual membership       £60pa
First come, first served to rowing events (see Calendar of Events) There will always be an approved Cox on board). Life Jackets & safety gear will be provided, suitable clothing must be worn. Launching times and locations will be published on this website.
Student                                        £40pa
18 or under or possessing Student card (must be accompanied by adult and, of course, an ‘approved’ Cox)

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