KLCRC’s history

Several threads have prompted the creation of this rowing club.

Kings Lynn Council placed mooring pontoons at South Quay on the Great Ouse in the summer of 2013. The waterfront in this area is very interesting but under used but the Sea Cadet’s building; T.S.Vancouver, was ideally place to build boats and provide interest for strollers around the historic quarter and water side. The Great Ouse could be a great recreational resource for the town but needs facilities. Our first boat was built in the Sea Cadet building and our second boat our workshop on the North Lynn Industrial Estate where we also keep our safety boat.

The St Ayles Skiff is both a very old and very new design incorporating the best of both. Very safe and stable in a seaway but with a good turn of speed when necessary. The building and racing of these has become increasingly popular around the world.

The project provides a great deal to a great many people; the building and maintenance of clinker-style boat develops anybody’s joinery skills and provides real interest. The rowing and racing of these boats provides interest, exercise, competition and enjoyment for crews and onlookers alike.


Kings Lynn and West Norfolk Borough Council support us when ever they can.

National Lottery 

Norfolk Community Foundation

Audrey Muriel Stratford Charitable Trust