New Chairman

Following the vote last week I am very honoured to pick up the helm as Club Chairman. I also want to thank Julian and Gina for their considerable contributions to the Club over the last few years. I would welcome everyone’s feedback and suggestions for how they would like to see the Club develop when activities are allowed to resume. We would also welcome any new members who fancy getting on the water with us in the future, please do get in touch.

Unfortunately the Clubs activities continue to be paused due to the coronavirus and I hope our members, followers and their families are keeping safe. Hopefully it won’t be long until we are back on the water. Attached is a picture from 5th May 2019 when we had both skiffs on the water at Brancaster Staithe



Coronavirus COVID-19 Update

Evening All,
Its your friendly KLCRC Safety Officer.
Now obviously you’ve all heard whats going on in the world regarding this latest pandemic and lots of conflicting advise about, for the most up to date advice visit .
The current position I’m proposing is at the moment is not to suspend rowing as the risk of infection is quite low (one good thing about north norfolk its slower to react to the rest of the country) .
Now should you feel this is the wrong approach. That is totally acceptable.
We do not enforce you to participate in any club activities so don’t feel like, this is your choice of which as always will be respected.
I suppose what I am proposing is as for now is to carry on if you wish, as we are all big boys and girls and can make our own choices, although I would expect members to contact the other members of the crews they have had contact with out of courtesy should there be any change in their health.

As this situation progresses and should certain parameters change obviously this position will differ.

Please stay safe and enjoy your rowing.

Final request could members please check their vehicles and rowing belongings as a life jacket seems to be missing and at roughly £70 for a replacement its a expensive cost to the club but not as costly as a members life.

As a constant reminder please wear life jackets at all times in or nearby the water.
All you members are exceptionally important as we don’t have many!!!

Please take care and don’t panic!
“Don’t worry, Be happy”- Bobby McFerrin 1988



Ely 28th December

For our last row of 2019 we took Ouse Rewit over to Ely. The roads were clear so it was an easy run over. We set off from the slipway and headed left along the the river out of the town and along besides the railway we saw many walkers (a couple of whom sang to us!) a couple of trains a Heron high up in a tree a large gaggle of Canada Geese lots of fisher men and a few slide seat rowers. We rowed further than on previous visits and got some lovely views of the Cathedral and surrounding countryside we carried on past Cambridge university boathouse and all the way down to the Queen Adelaide Bridges. After stopping for the usual refreshments we set off back to base.
We then stopped for a cuppa and light lunch at The Peacock Tearoom. All in all we were in the boat for around 2 hours and clocked up just under 5 miles. Thank you mark for towing.



Well Creeks Saturday 7 December

With a crew of Scottie, Alison, Mark, Kieth and Carol. Also Helen following in a Kayak we set off heading right from the slip way along the East Fleet . We had a good row as far as the water level would allow then turned round and followed the East fleet back up and took a right turn to explore the marshes. After rowing on for a fair distance we found a nice spot to stop for refreshments. The tide was flowing fairly quickly so we decided to head back to the quay. On our approach along the East fleet toward the slipway Wells looked very Christmassy all lit up and we even saw some fireworks which made for a nice ending to the afternoon. We’d been out for approximately an hour and 40 minutes. The creeks can at times be quite disorientating and very twisty and narrow so well done to our Cox for the day Mark, Who I think had the hardest job.



Flippin’ Lifejackets

Fellow Member’s!
It’s been reported to me time and time and time and time again that members are choosing to wear Pfd personal floatation devices over our life jackets. The ONLY reason I can think of this is that our life jackets are either unavailable or faulty! Of which if this is the case I NEED to be informed IMMEDIATELY!. The topic of lifejackets were discussed at the last SECRF meeting and all clubs agreed to adopt wearing of lifejackets only as compulsory.
This problem has been discussed at many committee meetings and the concurring answer is that ONLY lifejackets are to be worn correctly!. This is clearly stated in all our club rules and should this trend continues this may possibly force the committee into a line of action we would not like to start.
This is not up for negotiation Or discussion this is they way it is.

If your unsure on how to correctly wear a life jacket please do not hesitate to contact me for instruction personally.



I’m looking for KLCRC members to help plan and run next year’s regatta. We’d meet on occasional evenings to review/improve plans and then run the event on the day. I would like to meet once before Christmas, if possible. I’m working on the plans here:




Early morning row at Brancaster

After an early (7:30) start from the Staithe we rowed for over an hour through the harbour and a fair way along the beach. Water was high and dead calm in the sheltered harbour, but some real high swell as we passed along the beach with big breakers. So we decided to row back into calmer water before stopping for hot tea, chocolate and a nice cake to celebrate Marks birthday.
On the way back in we saw a lot of Egrets in the shallows and Will steered us round to look at some old wrecked fishing boats before returning to the slipway. We then had breakfast at Deepdale Cafe.