It looks like the regatta is on for next year, so book out the 16th & 17th May 2020. I got a lot of (unexpected) interest when I attended the SECRF meeting last month. It will probably be the same format as 2019 but with 2 laps of a shorter course. Boats (crews) will be on a first come; first served basis, so tell me if you are interested.

Hanse Regatta 2019

Overy-Strokers-1-1.JPG BOCCRC-1-0.JPG


Breakfast at Scolt Head

We set off from Brancaster at 7am on a big tide which was flowing our way. The sun was out and the marshes looked stunning but slightly disorientating with the high water. Scottie and Will took turns coxing. We had 3 rowers which didn’t pose any problems we were soon whizzing round the creeks and seemed to get to Scolt Head fairly swiftly. The tide was very fast flowing so we pulled the boat up out of the flow and found a nice sheltered spot to cook up breakfast. We fried up sausages eggs and mushrooms and served them up with plenty of hot tea. It was truly beautiful and very relaxing.

After breakfast we realised that the tide had turned and was flowing extremely fast so we set off for Overy.  After a couple of false starts and with a very soggy Will we rowed like Trojans to get back to the harbour.

We set off back to Brancaster to pick up the cars and have a coffee at the crab hut. We all agreed the early start had been well worthwhile and definitely worth repeating.