Resumption of rowing: almost; but not quite

I thought we could start again when this came out:

But if you read the small print: “…Any activity will still need to be alone or with members of a single household, and social distancing must be followed at all times. “

Ouse Rewet at Wells for the summer

We have now moved Ouse Rewet to a site near the sailing club (many thanks to Mark Beck for allowing us space in his family’s field). She is well secured (as you can see) and if you require access email Will or Mark Culley who are the only key holders to the towing lock (and hence, the steel chain) at the moment.

Workshop goings-on

Mark, Gordon, Keith, Bob and John in the workshop today. We glued the last plank on the Skiff, general maintenance on trailer and workshop + more than a little banter. Next Monday evening sees us continuing to build the new set of light oars. We are also going to move a Skiff to Wells and we are currently assembling the materials to make sure it is secure there.

See the calendar but, this year is warming up with the Lowestoft First Light Festival, our own Hanse Regatta, the Heritage Open Day and no doubt away days to Blakeney and other regattas. We are also trying to build a youth section; talk to Andrew, Catherine or Debbie if you are interested.