Cockleshell Challenge

Perfect weather; beautiful location; a warm welcome and a great day’s racing. Our deepest thanks to the Eastney Cruising Association for making us really welcome to their event (we are deeply envious of your magnificent clubhouse and facilities!). The 3 races held on the Saturday left us quite exhausted but ready for the evening’s BBQ and excellent beer. (The chilli burgers made Julian gasp a bit but the huge sea bass caught 2 hours earlier was magnificent!) To cap it all; we came away with the ECA Commodore’s Challenge Trophy!

Julian, Nat, Jon and Del pulled like Trojans to take the last race (I’m not sure I added a lot, shouting from the Cox’s seat) and we all learnt a lot about competing against a variety of different boats.

We didn’t make the Sunday race as some wanted to see Portsmouth docks and I didn’t want to be dragging the boat around the M25 later in the day; If more people come next year (possibly both skiffs?) we may be able to do both days.

Given the opportunity, we will be back next year!


King’s Lynn Hanse Regatta 2018

Returning from a break of over 100 years, with the weather Gods smiling, the Hanse Regatta provided colour, excitement, noise and atmosphere for everyone who attended. The overall club winners were Blakeney, but the results don’t reflect the sheer tenacity and competition that all the teams put in from start to finish of all 3 races. The whole of South Quay was shouting and cheering their teams home! Here are the official results but please have a look at the videos and photos of the day. I think everyone is looking forward to next year’s; So pencil out the 3rd weekend in May 2019 (Hanse Day).


The Norfolk BrOARds

So what happens when a business analyst, a councillor and a postie decide to row an ocean together?

We don’t know either, but in 2019 we’re going to find out!

Three members of the King’s Lynn Coastal Rowing Club decided to do just that. Helen Hogan, Sandra Squire & Kate Palmer have entered the 2019 Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge under the team name of “The Norfolk brOARds“.

Billed as “The World’s Toughest Row”, the 3000 mile race will take them from La Gomera in the Canaries to Antigua. The three ladies will experience everything from huge waves, tropical storms, sleep deprivation, salt sores and blisters in a rowing boat seven metres long and under two metres wide. More people have climbed Everest than have rowed the Atlantic.

So what makes three Norfolk ladies decide to take on such an extreme challenge? Getting a definitive answer is difficult, Sandra, the designated team skipper, is not unused to signing up for extreme challenges, she is due to join the GREAT Britain yacht for the final leg of this years Clipper Round The World Yacht Race in June, explains – “we all share the same attitude to life really; that life is short and precious and that we should make the absolute most of every opportunity we’re given. We want to prove that ordinary people can do amazing, extraordinary things, that anything is possible.”

Incredibly, the trio only joined the King’s Lynn Coastal Rowing Club last year. Chairman Bob Panrucker says “These three rowers make their club proud and a real inspiration to anyone who has ever thought ‘I wonder if I could’ or ‘I wish I’d…’ ”

It is said that getting to the start line is the hardest part of the race, as the requirements for entrants are very stringent. An ocean rowing boat can cost upwards of £60,000 alone with total race costs estimated at over £100,000, which the trio are expecting to raise through sponsorship. The team believe they are the first team to enter the race from Norfolk, so are hoping to use it as an opportunity to promote Norfolk to a global audience of over 80 million people. The ladies are offering adventurous companies the chance to get involved and support their campaign by providing sponsorship in exchange for various promotional opportunities with the team.

The trio will also be using their challenge to raise money for charity, but are not in a position to announce which their chosen charities will be at the moment.

To launch their campaign to the start line and beyond and to celebrate International Women’s Day, the ladies will be holding their first Facebook Live session on Thursday 8th March at 7.30pm. They will be introducing themselves, talking about the race ahead and their reasons for signing up. Questions are invited and can be emailed in advance to: or sent through the link on their Facebook page: @Norfolkbroards.

Notes to Editors:

The Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge is an annual race that attracts teams from all over the world. Further race information available at:

Once teams cross the start line, they are entirely self sufficient for the duration of the crossing, although there are two Atlantic Campaigns support yachts that follow the race fleet in case of emergency.

Teams must all complete certain mandatory training requirements on such topics as ocean rowing, navigation, first aid, sea survival etc.

Teams must carry enough food onboard for 90 days, although the current race record for a ladies trio team is 60 days, 18 hours & 34 mins. (2017 race record – Atlantic Ladies)

Helen Hogan is a Business Analyst

Sandra Squire is a Borough & County Councillor

Kate Palmer is a Postie with Royal Mail


Facebook & Twitter: @Norfolkbroards


Sandra Squire: 07817 160725

Helen Hogan: 07967 828529

Kate Palmer: 07876 215666

Bob Panrucker: 07803 164883

Wroxham Broad

We all arrived in good time and met up at the car park for a quick cuppa before we launched. The car park and slip way were easy to find and use. We set off across Wroxham Broad and made our way down the River Bure to Salhouse Broad where we had a quick stop. Then we set off further along the Bure where we stopped for tea, coffee and a splendid selection of CAKES!! After putting the world to rights we all swapped seats and made our way back along  the Bure to Wroxham Broad, we had a bit of a row around the edge then headed back to the car park. The Sun shon brightly throughout and after a pint and a bowl of soup at a local Inn we all agreed it was well worth the drive over.


2017 – the end of the year

… another very good year for the club; a prize at the Carrow Cup, a very bracing trip to see the Seals at Blakeney Point from Morston, the Great River Race and a week in the Lake District, just to name a few.

The Christmas party went down well and we have maintained at least 1 row every week. The boats are all in pretty good fettle and (thanks to Alison) we have our oars re-leathered. The events calendar still has some rows left to 2017, so let Will know if you are interested.

My personal thanks to all our members for yet another interesting and varied year for the club; have a merry Christmas and a happy New Year!


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The Great River Race 2017

By Alison Tisshaw

Team  95  Lynn Rewet

Bob. (Cox)  Will. (Stroke) Helen.  Jeanette.  Julian.   Carol. (Passenger)

Team   101  Ouse Rewet

Scottie.(cox)   Carl. (Stroke)   Alison.   Kate.  Mark H.  Mark C. (Passenger)

After slight confusion as to the teams and our team had a team member missing we all jumped into our boats and set off to row down to the holding area I was in Ouse Rewet who were then called back to the beach (tricky as all other boats were heading out from the beach) to pick up our missing team member Mark H who had got lost and walked over 5 miles looking for us!!

So out we rowed again… And found our way to the start where we  Spotted Lynn Rewet The sun was shining it was really lovely to be rowing on the Thames surrounded by so many other boats and rowers many in fancy dress and team colours from all over Britain and abroad.

We all got off to a flying start Lynn Rewet were ahead for a time but Ouse Rewet made good time and caught them up there was a bit of friendly rivalry as we stayed quite close for a while then Ouse Rewet had a collision! And Lynn Rewet went ahead…Ouse Rewet soon caught up and steamed pass. Ouse Rewet went a fair distance ahead then lost sight of Lynn Rewet As the race went on through London it was fairly hard going and choppy on the bends but plenty to look at and many bridges (22 in all I think) so the time soon went.

We continued to make good progress and were quite pleased and surprised to be overtaking other boats!! at about the half way mark, Mark C wanted a row so swapped with me which cost us a bit of time  but we soon got back into the Rhythm and continued to make good progress. After another hour of rowing the boredom started to set in so we started chanting and counting to chivvy ourselves along also at this point we were in the middle of a horrid storm with thunder and lightning right over head and driving rain. Then finally Scottie said we were nearing the finish line so we all had a final last surge of energy and went flying through the finish line to the sound of cannon!! which was really exciting!

Ouse Rewet finished at 3.16.29

And came in 220th Followed 11 minutes later by Lynn Rewet who finished at 3.27.09

And came in 258th

last year’s team finished in 3.32.39

And were 260th

So all in all a good result with Lynn Rewet beating last years’ time by 5 mins and two places And Ouse Rewet, smashing last year’s team by 16 mins and moving up 40 places !!!!!! After, some of us went for a drink in the big disco tent but were too worn out to stay for the prize giving.

Well done to all……and thank you to the towers Bob and Julian and really big thank you to Scottie for organising everything Ps the winning boat was a St Ayles Skiff that finished in 2.32.52!!!!!

So everything to aim for…!

The Carrow Cup 2016

My thanks to Alison for the bones of this post: We arrived  in plenty of time to meet our back up team then turned ourselves in to Elves in the pub car park! We launched Ouse Rewet down the very steep ramp, eyed up some of the competition and collected our number.

Jumped in the skiff and made our way down the river to the start … And we were off…. We rowed hard and fast it was a warm day and we were hot! We were doing OK then a bit of a tangle of oars and I think someone might of sworn!! But we kept on going as fast as we could getting hotter and hotter. It was hard work! But we made it in 26 minutes.

And although we didn’t win the races; the Elves from Lynn certainly bought a smile to a few Faces!!!

After the boat was towed away (thank you towing team) we got a lift back up the river to the boat house and had bacon butties toast eggs beans and mugs of tea. Still in our Elf costumes we got a Taxi back to the start pub for a pint and back home.

Thanks to Scottie for driving us



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Well ‘ard! – Denver 20/11/16

It was cold, wet and windy; revolting weather. But that didn’t stop some of the ‘ardest members of the club dragging themselves out of bed for a row at Denver. Alison, Scottie, Donald and Carol all in time with Julian as Cox and filmmaker; not bad timing at all folks! We tried to get up the river Wissey to Hilgay the other day; we need some shorter oars; or paddles! We’ll try again I’m sure!