Rowing resumption W.E.F. Wednesdy 29th March, 2021

Respect social distancing

Please remember to follow government guidelines ref social distancing etc whilst launching and recovering. There are some masks, cleaning materials, hand sanitiser etc in the skiff.Wipe down the oars, gunwales, seat and lifejacks after use.

Any other details and reserving a spot; drop us a line:

Covid/rowing WEF 26th December 2020

Hi All
I hope everyone managed to have as good a Christmas as is possible currently.

Just a quick note to confirm due to Norfolk being placed in Tier 4 all rowing is sadly suspended until further notice.
Let’s hope we can get back on the water soon and that 2021 improves from where it is starting off
In the meantime I hope everyone stays safe and sane!
Best Regards, Will

Covid 19 update 3/12/2020

We are opening rowing again; first opportunity, early Saturday 5th from Wells on Sea, East ramp – make sure you tell Will. There are several Covid Rules and restrictions; A summary would be respect social distancing rules, Cox wears mask, Sanitise your own oar/equipment/stations/area, separate boat socialising (on landing & launching) This from Will, our Chairman: I am pleased to advise that now lockdown has moved to the tiered system outdoor sport and in turn rowing are allowed to resume. There is a lot of information in the British Rowing Covid Guidance which I would encourage all members to read, a copy is attached and can be found by following this link (of particular note are pages 32-33). It is of course entirely a personal judgement whether you individually are happy to resume rowing.