Planked !

Last plank fitted; well done the team. About half way through. The next steps can be seen courtesy of St Ayles Rowing Club, Anstruther  here:

We intend to Launch her next Spring and now need to start thinking about a trailer and permanent home (for this one and her sister; to be built later)


From the left; Scotty, Tom, Jon, Bob & Ben
From the left; Scotty, Tom, Jon, Bob & Ben

Plank 5 and Race Night

Here’s the second number 5, we are planning to fit both plank 6s (final plank) this Thursday.

The Sea Cadets are also holding another ‘Race Night’, contact us if you want come or become an ‘owner’ or ‘jockey in absentia (£4 to be an owner, £16 back if you win, £2 to a jockey, £8 back if you win). The bar will also be open on the night. The last one was good fun.

MSSC Race Night001

Plank 4

After a bit of a lull due to holidays and illness, we are back at it and plank 4 is the best fit yet. We have found the best way is to prep the boat; lands, gains and bevels then scarf both plank joints. The essential point is the final, accurate dry fit (as per this picture) with all clamps in place. We then mark precise positioning marks so that we do not have to ‘jiggle’ the planks when the glue is wet … we’ll be quite good at this by the time we finish!


First plank in place!

It put up a good fight, but Scotty, Jon & Bob fitted the first plank to the skiff. The technical name is the “garboard strake”. We have 6 planks a side, 3 parts to each plank which are scarfed together. As well as scarfing, we will also need to cut the ‘gains‘ and ‘laps‘ to make sure each plank has a good, flat surface to attach to the previous. So that’s ummm…  a lot of work! Note the blocks wrapped in packing tape; we use these to temporarily screw the plank in place while the epoxy sets, the blocks prevent nasty screw-head sized holes in the planks. The small clearance holes left are easily filled with spare epoxy from later works. Have a look at our calendar and pop in to see us some time.