New Chairman

Following the vote last week I am very honoured to pick up the helm as Club Chairman. I also want to thank Julian and Gina for their considerable contributions to the Club over the last few years. I would welcome everyone’s feedback and suggestions for how they would like to see the Club develop when activities are allowed to resume. We would also welcome any new members who fancy getting on the water with us in the future, please do get in touch.

Unfortunately the Clubs activities continue to be paused due to the coronavirus and I hope our members, followers and their families are keeping safe. Hopefully it won’t be long until we are back on the water. Attached is a picture from 5th May 2019 when we had both skiffs on the water at Brancaster Staithe



First Light Festival Canceled

Good Evening Everyone,

I understand (from Ireland) that it has been announced that the FIRST LIGHT Festival 2020 has been cancelled due to COVID-19. It is hoped to it will run instead in 2021.

Thank you for your enthusiasm and, in the meantime, keep safe, keep rowing and we’ll keep in touch (metaphorically of course!)

Best Wishes



This afternoon (26/4) Scottie and I went over to Wells Next the Sea to check up on Ouse Rewet. And I am glad to report that she is doing well and taking the social distancing very seriously. I kept 2 meters away at all times and told her that we are all missing her and hope to soon be reunited and back out on the water. She is enjoying the sunshine and looks forward to welcoming us back aboard!!!!



Oars Part 3

After a lot of discussion and plenty of studying of plans we measured up and cut down the first of our new lighter oars. It was quite time consuming and at times confusing, but the result is the beginnings of a very neat slender set of oars. A lot thinner and a very different shape from the present set. We got the first one done tonight and now that we know what we’re doing the rest should be quicker and easier.



Coronavirus COVID-19 Update

Evening All,
Its your friendly KLCRC Safety Officer.
Now obviously you’ve all heard whats going on in the world regarding this latest pandemic and lots of conflicting advise about, for the most up to date advice visit .
The current position I’m proposing is at the moment is not to suspend rowing as the risk of infection is quite low (one good thing about north norfolk its slower to react to the rest of the country) .
Now should you feel this is the wrong approach. That is totally acceptable.
We do not enforce you to participate in any club activities so don’t feel like, this is your choice of which as always will be respected.
I suppose what I am proposing is as for now is to carry on if you wish, as we are all big boys and girls and can make our own choices, although I would expect members to contact the other members of the crews they have had contact with out of courtesy should there be any change in their health.

As this situation progresses and should certain parameters change obviously this position will differ.

Please stay safe and enjoy your rowing.

Final request could members please check their vehicles and rowing belongings as a life jacket seems to be missing and at roughly £70 for a replacement its a expensive cost to the club but not as costly as a members life.

As a constant reminder please wear life jackets at all times in or nearby the water.
All you members are exceptionally important as we don’t have many!!!

Please take care and don’t panic!
“Don’t worry, Be happy”- Bobby McFerrin 1988



Ouse Rewet at Wells for the summer

We have now moved Ouse Rewet to a site near the sailing club (many thanks to Mark Beck for allowing us space in his family’s field). She is well secured (as you can see) and if you require access email Will or Mark Culley who are the only key holders to the towing lock (and hence, the steel chain) at the moment.

Wells next the sea March 15 2020

With Will, Mark, Scottie and Carol in the boat and myself walking with my dog (due a shoulder injury) we headed off into the wind from the slipway out along the channel and up to the lifeboat station. It was very interesting walking the route listening and chatting to people along the way and witnessing their reactions to seeing our lovely boat bobbing along the channel, all very positive. I arrived at the beach just in time to join them for a cuppa and a chat. We saw both life boats being launched which was a treat. As it was very windy and with only 3 rowers it was decided not to go out any further but to head back. It was nice for me to see the boat in action from the shore for a change it looked very impressive especially in the wind with a moody sky and no other boats around. When sitting in the boat rowing it feels quite big and strong but from the shore it looked quite the opposite. I arrived back at the slipway as the rowers did and we pulled her out and went up and settled Ouse Rewet into her new summer holiday home by the sailing club. All in all another very pleasant morning by the sea.



Oars Part 2

We spent a pleasant couple of hours at the workshop and have now ‘regularised’ the planks. Which involved passing each one through Bobs wood thicknesser several times until they were just the right size and smooth on all sides. It was a bit tricky due to the space and very messy!! But we are a determined lot and got all five done and managed to clear up several bags of sawdust which I believe is being recycled on Keith’s compost heap. Thank you to Bob who came along on his Birthday, much appreciated. P.s. As you can see from the photos we even had a forensic scientist on site!!