Well Creeks Saturday 7 December

With a crew of Scottie, Alison, Mark, Kieth and Carol. Also Helen following in a Kayak we set off heading right from the slip way along the East Fleet . We had a good row as far as the water level would allow then turned round and followed the East fleet back up and took a right turn to explore the marshes. After rowing on for a fair distance we found a nice spot to stop for refreshments. The tide was flowing fairly quickly so we decided to head back to the quay. On our approach along the East fleet toward the slipway Wells looked very Christmassy all lit up and we even saw some fireworks which made for a nice ending to the afternoon. We’d been out for approximately an hour and 40 minutes. The creeks can at times be quite disorientating and very twisty and narrow so well done to our Cox for the day Mark, Who I think had the hardest job.



Flippin’ Lifejackets

Fellow Member’s!
It’s been reported to me time and time and time and time again that members are choosing to wear Pfd personal floatation devices over our life jackets. The ONLY reason I can think of this is that our life jackets are either unavailable or faulty! Of which if this is the case I NEED to be informed IMMEDIATELY!. The topic of lifejackets were discussed at the last SECRF meeting and all clubs agreed to adopt wearing of lifejackets only as compulsory.
This problem has been discussed at many committee meetings and the concurring answer is that ONLY lifejackets are to be worn correctly!. This is clearly stated in all our club rules and should this trend continues this may possibly force the committee into a line of action we would not like to start.
This is not up for negotiation Or discussion this is they way it is.

If your unsure on how to correctly wear a life jacket please do not hesitate to contact me for instruction personally.



I’m looking for KLCRC members to help plan and run next year’s regatta. We’d meet on occasional evenings to review/improve plans and then run the event on the day. I would like to meet once before Christmas, if possible. I’m working on the plans here:




Hickling to Potter Heigham

Sunday 24th Nov
We arrived at Hickling Broad bright and early.
The slip way was easily accessible and there was plenty of free parking. The boat was soon in the water and we set off through a narrow channel with moored up boats all around. We had some paddles so Mark and myself paddled us out onto the broad. We set off across the broad and decided to head for the old Abbey and drinking hole which we’d visited earlier in the year. However we got a bit disoriented and after a an hour or so realised it was much further away than we had anticipated so reaching Potter Heigham we decided to stop for tea break. On the way Some of us who hadn’t coxed much before took the opportunity to get in some practice on the calm waters. After usual tea and snacks and with Scottie as cox we set off back to base which took hour and a half . We saw lots of fishermen out on the water, along with some cormorants grebes and many many swans..(and randomly a friend of Wills in the middle of nowhere)
It was a long row almost 3 hours and 8.6 miles.
Getting the boat out was quick and easy as the slipway has a fixed winch. Afterward we recovered with a beer and soup at the Pleasureboat Inn! A most enjoyable trip out.




It looks like the regatta is on for next year, so book out the 16th & 17th May 2020. I got a lot of (unexpected) interest when I attended the SECRF meeting last month. It will probably be the same format as 2019 but with 2 laps of a shorter course. Boats (crews) will be on a first come; first served basis, so tell me if you are interested.

Hanse Regatta 2019

Overy-Strokers-1-1.JPG BOCCRC-1-0.JPG


Early morning row at Brancaster

After an early (7:30) start from the Staithe we rowed for over an hour through the harbour and a fair way along the beach. Water was high and dead calm in the sheltered harbour, but some real high swell as we passed along the beach with big breakers. So we decided to row back into calmer water before stopping for hot tea, chocolate and a nice cake to celebrate Marks birthday.
On the way back in we saw a lot of Egrets in the shallows and Will steered us round to look at some old wrecked fishing boats before returning to the slipway. We then had breakfast at Deepdale Cafe.