Bob Panrucker

Bob Panrucker

Welcome to our blog. I can do no better than repeat the recent Lynn News article from March 7th 2013 …

Volunteers are needed to help a man to build two rowing boats to race along Lynn’s waterfront.

Bob Panrucker is appealing to the community to help him build two St Ayles Skiffs along with establishing a new rowing club.

Building and racing St Ayles Skiffs has become increasingly popular across the world since the boat design was commissioned by the Scottish Fisheries Museum in 2009.

The skiff, which has 22ft with a beam of 5ft 8in, is manned by four rowers and a coxswain.

The boat is named after the former chapel, which is part of the entrance to the museum in Fife.

Mr Panrucker has received permission from the Lynn’s Sea Cadets committee to use a shed along South Quay to build the boats.

He will also be applying for grants to raise £10,000 to bring the project to fruition.

Mr Panrucker said: “Two of these boats racing up and down the River Great Ouse would be tremendous. This would be a big benefit to the town. It will help to pull people down to the South Quay to watch the building.

“This is a tremendous project which pulls together members of the community who are interested in watching the build take place and having competitions.

“People will be able to get fit and have fun on the water and use the river. It is primarily developed to get residents to use the Great Ouse.”

Mr Panrucker will be officially launching the King’s Lynn Coastal Rowing Club but needs committee members to form a quorum.

He is hoping to attract six adults to help build the two boats, which could take a couple of months if they work full-time or, more likely, 6 months part-time.

Mr Panrucker said: “Personally I love building boats. These things are very exciting, the build starts upside down!

“I would like anybody to come along and help. I have a couple of people who are interested already. I have a flier that I will be sending out.”

Mr Panrucker, who is chairman of the Lynn Sea Cadets, is also hoping to get youngsters involved in the project.

Anyone who is interested in taking part in this initiative should email Mr Panrucker at or call 01553 636583

Author: Bob Panrucker

"If you believe me, my young friend, there is nothing - absolutely nothing, half so worth doing as - simply messing around in boats!"

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