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Please note our current COVID 19 restrictions: For latest’ see here. Please remember to follow government guidelines ref social distancing etc whilst launching and recovering. There are some masks, cleaning materials, hand sanitiser etc in the skiff

The easiest way to find out what is coming up in the immediate future is to Please add me for 2 months to your club email distribution list

As always these are subject to change and final details will be emailed in the week prior to each event. They are also subject to whatever Covid restrictions are relevant at the time: If you have other places or times you would like to row please let me know and we will try to accommodate them subject to tide times.

For evening sessions I would ask that anyone who fancies a row takes ownership of organising these events, you only need two other willing members to make a crew. (We have renewed our Environment Annual Licence and (they tell me) Denver should be available to launch from, from mid-march)Most of our member’s contact details are on Bob’s distribution lists. You can contact those who do not wish their email addresses to be made public via the committee. I am happy to help where I can or circulate your proposals. 

Latest Kings Lynn Coastal Rowing Club Calendar:

Kings Lynn Coastal Rowing Club Calendar
Day Date Venue Meet at Venue High Water Brancaster Height (Relative)
Saturday 10th July Brancaster Staithe 18.30 19.58 Med
Tuesday 13th July Wells 20.00 21.52 Med
Sunday 18th July Morston 11.30 13.04 Med
Thursday 22nd July King’s Lynn 17.00 17.58 Med
Saturday  24th July Wells to Morston via the creeks 17.30 19.51 Med / High
Monday 26th July Wells 19.30 21.23 Med
Sunday 1st Aug Brancaster Staithe 11.00 12.49 Low
Thursday 5th Aug Denver Sluice 18.00    
Saturday  7th Aug King’s Lynn 17.30 19.04 Med
Tuesday 10th Aug Wells 19.00 20.55 Med
Saturday 14th Aug Morston Regatta 7.30 10.55 Med / High
Thursday 19th Aug Denver Sluice 18.00    
Sunday 22nd Aug Wells 18.00 19.44 Med / High
Tuesday 24th Aug King’s Lynn 19.00 21.01 Med
Saturday 28th Aug Wells 9.00 10.55 Med
Thursday 2nd Sept Denver Sluice 18.00    
Sunday 4th Sept Wells (Try Row) 15.30 18.00 Med
Sunday 5th Sept Hunstanton 17.00 18.42 Med
Tuesday 7th Sept Wells 18.00 19.55 Med / High
Saturday 11th Sept Burnham Overy to Wells 7.00 9.52 High
Thursday 16th Sept Denver Sluice 18.00    
Sunday 19th Sept Wells 17.00 18.50 Med
Thursday 23rd Sept King’s Lynn 19.00 21.01 Med
Saturday 25th Sept Thornham to Brancaster Staithe 7.00 9.35 Med / High

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Workshop sessions:

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