Seal watching with the CRABs

So I woke up this morning certainly knowing I had rowed out to see the Seals at Blakeney Point yesterday!! Our thanks to the Coastal Rowing Association, Blakeney, for their warm welcome and company. A really enjoyable time with superb weather. As well as Seals, we also got to see the annual Norfolk Oyster & Gypsy World Championships in Blakeney Harbour. A quick picnic near the old Lifeboat Station, then the long pull back to the boat park. The picture I missed was the young seal surfacing under our oars to take a better look at us! Lovely to see Lynn Rewet, Hoi Larntan and Bluejacket together again.

If you liked this, we have the Morston Regatta pencilled in for Friday 7th August and the Blakeney Regatta pencilled in for Saturday 15th August.

Magna Carta 800th anniversary

We tried to enter Lynn Rewet as part of the flotilla of small boats taking part in these celebrations but our entry was too late. As I was visiting relatives nearby on the Saturday, I popped down to Cookham to watch the first day’s events. Well worth the trip to see Gloriana, her retinue and the various festivities and re-enactments. I have attached a few pictures just to give you a taste of the day. CRABlakeney had more success and made the main flotilla.

Manningtree rowing festival

Our first club outing. We towed Lynn Rewet down to Manningtree to take part. It was ideal weather, (albeit a bit windy for the return leg of our race). Our crew was a mixed bag of veterans, a youngster and a girl, but we forced Heike to cox and entered the Men’s 2 mile sprint! We brought up the rear but thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We learnt a huge amount from the whole day and everyone we met was very friendly. The Stour Sailing Club facilities were superb! People were very complementary about Lynn Rewet and we took her out to let a couple try her out. I suspect we may be trying to get some lighter oars soon! The pictures are just a couple I took of other boats before we launched, if I get some of Rewet in the race I will add them later.

A successful if soggy launch for Lynn Réwet

Bob Panrucker gives the sermon for the day: Some essential do's and don't's for Lynn's waters
Bob Panrucker gives the sermon for the day: Some essential do’s and don’t’s for Lynn’s waters

On probably the rainiest Saturday morning this year so far, we launched the pristine Lynn Réwet into the muddy and choppy tidal water of the River Great Ouse from the public slipway in King’s Lynn.

Henry Bellingham (speaking) and Colin Manning both enthused about our project and gave great support

A marvellous turn-out, considering the forecast, included the great and good of Lynn – Henry Bellingham MP and King’s Lynn Deputy Mayor, Colin Manning, and his wife, Julie who ceremoniously launched the Lynn Réwet. The turnout was better than we could have wished and everyone was complimentary and impressed with what we had achieved. Many people expressing a real interest in the club which we are hoping translates over time to more members.

Our friends and neighbours, CRABs from Blakeney, came along with their St Ayles skiffs and other fine boats to share the day and support the event.

Speaking at the event, KLCRC Chairman Bob Panrucker thanked all the local people who came out to support the event, especially considering the weather. Colin Manning spoke of the value to King’s Lynn of utilising and regenerating of the waterfront, and Henry Bellingham recognised the work that had gone into reviving a part of King’s Lynn’s maritime tradition.

Lynn Réwet was blessed by the Deputy Mayoress with a bottle of ‘Worth-the-Wait’ a local brew

The perfectly (sic) timed squall didn’t halt the proceedings, nor deter the dignitaries – and Lynn Réwet was blessed by the Deputy Mayoress with a bottle of ‘Worth-the-Wait’; a local brew thought apposite!

RewetLaunchKL-182 - Version 2
Blakeney CRABs were very welcomed guests on our day and showed us their experience on the water

On the water, one of the best parts of the day was the support we received from the Coastal Rowing Club Blakeney and West Norfolk Rowing Club; they made the whole thing a real event by bringing their boats with them and taking part in the row-past. Another was the reception we got from the Ouse Amateur Sailing Club who allowed us to use their clubhouse to entertain later on.

Our overall impression was of many congratulations on a job well done, support from very many quarters and the very real possibility of building a club that resurrects rowing as a major attraction and pastime to the river Great Ouse in Kings Lynn. In addition to this, all the people involved in the project so far have had a huge amount of fun and are really looking forward to more … bring it on, I say!

Lynn Réwet takes to the water

We’ve reached a very special stage in our project and it’s time to concentrate on being a rowing club.
So, the Lynn Réwet has taken to the water for the first time, at Saddlebow; the Relief Channel, off the River Great Ouse. All went to plan… The boat performed as did the weather.

Launching the Lynn Réwet 11th April

We’re proud to announce the launching of the Lynn Réwet, our first St Ayles Skiff.

After a year of building and preparation, KLCRC’s first boat is ready to take to the River Great Ouse


Saturday April 11th 2015 | 9AM – 3PM


The Slipway, Common Staithe Quay, King’s Lynn, Norfolk


vector-rewet-400Come and watch our first boat, Lynn Réwet, being launched into the River Great Ouse, at the public slipway in the carpark behind the Corn Exchange, Tuesday Marketplace, Kings Lynn.

The antics may also be viewed from the river balconies of the Ouse Amateur Sailing Club in Ferry Lane where the bar will be open from 10am or the Crown & Mitre pub.

We are also expecting boats from Blakeney and Denver to join us on the water for a ‘row-past’.

An invitation to join the Club, and get involved in building, launching and racing St Ayles skiffs in Norfolk and beyond. Find out more: KLCRC Membership

[tw-toggle title=”Some details of the Day (the whole nine yards…)”]

High Water is at 11:22am

 9am:      Arrive Common Staithe Slipway, Kings Lynn

Trailers may be parked in the Conservancy Board compound (opposite the office, by their flagpole); this has been reserved for our use. I am currently trying to reserve a number of parking spaces and will keep you informed.

 10am:    All boats launched by now, provisional launch order:

  1. Safety boat
  2. Hoy Larntan, Bluejacket
  3. WNRC scull
  4. Lynn Rewet

All stem tide until signal; at signal all row upriver to fishing boats (just past new pontoons, then return to slipway). People will be watching from the waterfront, the OASC and Crown and Mitre balconies.

 11:30:    All boats hauled out by now, provisional order:

  1. WNRC scull
  2. Hoy Larntan, Bluejacket
  3. Lynn Rewet
  4. Safety boat

Put all boats (on their trailers) in trailer park

 12:00     Retire to OASC for celebrations.

Please note the safety rules (these I will keep updated):

  • Please make sure your boat has an anchor and throwing rope(s), you will probably find a length of rope useful for launching as most people lower trailers by rope rather than put the vehicles on the steep, slippery slipway.
  • All crew must wear personal buoyancy and adequate clothing (note the slipway will be cleaned, it may well be a bit muddy)
  • All boats must be contactable (either by VHF or Mobile Phone); all numbers and call signs given to Bob Panrucker minimum 1 week before event(this is a Conservancy Board requirement)
  • Watch out for the KL Ferry adjacent the OASC Clubhouse – he has right of way!
  • Be aware there will be a considerable flood tide sweeping you up the river. Do not leave starting your turns too late; I suggest you start to turn at the new pontoons on the East bank. It is very easy to get swept into the mooring buoys upriver of the fishing boats.
  • Although the scull will be faster that the St Ayles, I suspect she may struggle to turn as easily, so please give her plenty of water.
  • IRPCS (Collision Regs) – We will come under  ‘small vessels or sailing vessels’

9.Narrow Channels

  • A vessel proceeding along a narrow channel must keep to starboard.
  • Small vessels or sailing vessels must not impede (larger) vessels which can navigate only within a narrow channel.
  • Ships must not cross a channel if to do so would impede another vessel which can navigate only within that channel.”

John Lorking (KL Harbourmaster) will have issued a ‘Notice to Mariners’ beforehand to warn shipping of our antics.[/tw-toggle]

Getting together across Norfolk

On a bleak November Sunday, KLCRC members visited North Norfolk and thoroughly enjoyed meeting and sharing some time on the water with the fine folk of the CRABlakeney – The Coastal Rowing Association Blakeney

Scotty, Ben and Jon (from KLCRC) went for their first row in Hoi Larntan under the care and expert tutelage of Tom and Alan.  We all came away glowing and enthused.

Scotty at the helm of Hoi Larnten. A natural in this role? His authoritative and commanding voice had us working well together!

Many thanks to Antonia and All at Blakeney for opening up and offering advice.

Bob picked up plenty of tips on running the club – CRABlakeney seem to have got it right!