Another lovely outing to Burnham Overy Staithe

Sunday 14th August 2016; Despite the crowds and local (water) sports day, we launched Ouse Rewet and the RIB from the car park and made our way to Scolt Head Island. The weather was superb and several members (and a guest) went swimming in the harbour entrance. The others just sunbathed and picnicked. The consensus was : another superb outing. My thanks to Will for the artistic pictures.IMG_2058IMG_2053IMG_2063IMG_2059

Will she float?

We thought it might be sensible to try Ouse Rewet out before her official launch (on 30th April), just to make sure she floats, you understand. She behaved perfectly and looks really nice in her fresh livery. We had a good look at several of the reed beds around the edge of our practice lake then put Scottie as Cox, which helped a little. At least one of us could now see where we were going!

A Brace of Réwets

Ouse Réwet nears completion and is nearly ready for sea-trials. (People keep asking us… “Rewet: to wet, drench, saturate, soak imply moistening something. To wet is to moisten in any manner with water or other liquid: to wet or dampen a cloth. Drench suggests wetting completely as by a downpour: A heavy rain drenched the fields.” or in Olde English: “Réwet: rowing”


The new lighter-weight oars proved successful and popular when tested over a 5-mile row.

And Ouse Réwet will be launched on 30th April – Launch details


Launching the Ouse Réwet April 30th 2016

We’re proud to announce the launching of the Ouse Réwet, our second St Ayles Skiff.

After a year of building and preparation, KLCRC’s second boat is ready to take to the River Great Ouse


Saturday April 30th | 11AM – 3PM


The Slipway, Common Staithe Quay, King’s Lynn, Norfolk


Come and watch our second boat, Ouse Réwet, being launched into the River Great Ouse, at the public slipway in the carpark behind the Corn Exchange, Tuesday Marketplace, Kings Lynn.

The antics may also be viewed from the river balconies of the Ouse Amateur Sailing Club in Ferry Lane where the bar will be open.

We are also expecting boats from Blakeney and Denver to join us on the water for a ‘row-past’.

An invitation to join the Club, and get involved in building, launching and racing St Ayles skiffs in Norfolk and beyond. Find out more: KLCRC Membership

What a beautiful spot!

We rowed a few KMs today at our practice water, Priory Lake. A stunningly beautiful day in the middle of the countryside, crisp, still and cold; we were surrounded by Swans, Geese, Cormorants and other wildlife; not another soul in sight! Rowing a St Ayles skiff in such surroundings must be one of the very best ways to get some fresh air and a little exercise!
We are having a social evening next Tuesday 7pm; just a pint and a chat; if you are free, come along to The Globe, just off Tuesday Market Place, Kings Lynn; we’d love to see you.

Carrow Cup 2015 – the results are in…

Never were we going to fail for lack of preparation.  Three weeks on the trot, 100mile round-trips to Norwich, to check out the course, the slipways and the landings were not done in vain.

The day was always going to be cold – there’s a clue in the date.  So we gathered in Lynn under leaden skies, hitched up the Rewét and set off into the starting rain. In Bishopsgate, Norwich, under Bob’s wing we launched smoothly into the flooded Wensum.  Inflatable seagulls prepared, and sou’wester outfits donned, the crew were ready.

Despite a little mixup with the order, the start was prompt and well organised… The crew knew what to do.

The cold and the rain had increased.  The going at the start was tough. “It was hell for the first minute, but then I got used to it” said Will.

Past Carrow Road bridge, to the cheers of the arriving football fans…

Heading to Thorpe and out of town
Heading to Thorpe and out of town


The rowers were out of sight from the bank for a couple of kilometres, until they came into sight of the finish at Broadland Boat Club, downriver on The Yare.  Just a quick rest and congratulations, then turn to home, at Whitlingham, to recover the boat.

Back on dry land, in the superb Whitlingham Boathouse we find out the results, and a very nice surprise – we’re not last, in fact we’ve made a very respectable time – considering it’s our first racing event and it’s still early days for us.

Onwards and upwards then…