Workshop goings-on

Mark, Gordon, Keith, Bob and John in the workshop today. We glued the last plank on the Skiff, general maintenance on trailer and workshop + more than a little banter. Next Monday evening sees us continuing to build the new set of light oars. We are also going to move a Skiff to Wells and we are currently assembling the materials to make sure it is secure there.

See the calendar but, this year is warming up with the Lowestoft First Light Festival, our own Hanse Regatta, the Heritage Open Day and no doubt away days to Blakeney and other regattas. We are also trying to build a youth section; talk to Andrew, Catherine or Debbie if you are interested.

2020 Regatta

Dear all,
On the 29th January Bob and I attended the Hanse committee meeting and that evening Bob chaired our Regatta planning committee meeting, it’s looking good for 2020 with clubs coming from Essex and beyond to take part in a leg of the Nelson Cup. There is only 3.5 months before the regatta, it’s suggested we start some training sessions on the river and Ed would like to take some photographs of both skiffs on the river for our publicity.

If you are interested in being a crew member for the regatta please can you let William know along with times and dates when you would be available for some practice rowing on the river.



KL Regatta 2020


Ely 28th December

For our last row of 2019 we took Ouse Rewit over to Ely. The roads were clear so it was an easy run over. We set off from the slipway and headed left along the the river out of the town and along besides the railway we saw many walkers (a couple of whom sang to us!) a couple of trains a Heron high up in a tree a large gaggle of Canada Geese lots of fisher men and a few slide seat rowers. We rowed further than on previous visits and got some lovely views of the Cathedral and surrounding countryside we carried on past Cambridge university boathouse and all the way down to the Queen Adelaide Bridges. After stopping for the usual refreshments we set off back to base.
We then stopped for a cuppa and light lunch at The Peacock Tearoom. All in all we were in the boat for around 2 hours and clocked up just under 5 miles. Thank you mark for towing.



A Very Happy Christmas and New Year

Dear members,
May I wish you all a Very Happy and Peaceful Christmas and New Year. Sorry I have not been joining you rowing of late, I have been busy elsewhere and with work. I have been working on the clubs behalf through the council and with other rowing organisations. I will hopefully catch up with you all after Christmas.
Best wishes,