Manningtree rowing festival

Our first club outing. We towed Lynn Rewet down to Manningtree to take part. It was ideal weather, (albeit a bit windy for the return leg of our race). Our crew was a mixed bag of veterans, a youngster and a girl, but we forced Heike to cox and entered the Men’s 2 mile sprint! We brought up the rear but thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We learnt a huge amount from the whole day and everyone we met was very friendly. The Stour Sailing Club facilities were superb! People were very complementary about Lynn Rewet and we took her out to let a couple try her out. I suspect we may be trying to get some lighter oars soon! The pictures are just a couple I took of other boats before we launched, if I get some of Rewet in the race I will add them later.

Author: Bob Panrucker

"If you believe me, my young friend, there is nothing - absolutely nothing, half so worth doing as - simply messing around in boats!"