Ouse Rewet; ready for turning

Our second skiff, Ouse Rewet, is ready for turning. That means her planking, keel and stems are complete, she has a protective undercoat, and she is about half way to launching.

We have also laid a standard 1 km at our practice water, Priory Lake and will shortly lay a standard 1 mile too. We have also realised that from the Kings Lynn slipway around the first bridge and back is 4 km so; we should have some exciting racing coming up with some easily timed courses and 2 skiffs to compete against each other.

Last Saturday saw us competing against the 2 Blakeney skiffs at Blakeney. We came a respectable 3rd (out of 3!) and learned a lot of lessons. The CRABs were very welcoming and friendly, as always, and everyone had a great time. Added to the wish-list for our builder’s are lighter oars and better foot rests. I cant wait to return the favour and invite the CRABs to a 4-boat race in our Great Ouse!

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Author: Bob Panrucker

"If you believe me, my young friend, there is nothing - absolutely nothing, half so worth doing as - simply messing around in boats!"