The Great River Race 2017

By Alison Tisshaw

Team  95  Lynn Rewet

Bob. (Cox)  Will. (Stroke) Helen.  Jeanette.  Julian.   Carol. (Passenger)

Team   101  Ouse Rewet

Scottie.(cox)   Carl. (Stroke)   Alison.   Kate.  Mark H.  Mark C. (Passenger)

After slight confusion as to the teams and our team had a team member missing we all jumped into our boats and set off to row down to the holding area I was in Ouse Rewet who were then called back to the beach (tricky as all other boats were heading out from the beach) to pick up our missing team member Mark H who had got lost and walked over 5 miles looking for us!!

So out we rowed again… And found our way to the start where we  Spotted Lynn Rewet The sun was shining it was really lovely to be rowing on the Thames surrounded by so many other boats and rowers many in fancy dress and team colours from all over Britain and abroad.

We all got off to a flying start Lynn Rewet were ahead for a time but Ouse Rewet made good time and caught them up there was a bit of friendly rivalry as we stayed quite close for a while then Ouse Rewet had a collision! And Lynn Rewet went ahead…Ouse Rewet soon caught up and steamed pass. Ouse Rewet went a fair distance ahead then lost sight of Lynn Rewet As the race went on through London it was fairly hard going and choppy on the bends but plenty to look at and many bridges (22 in all I think) so the time soon went.

We continued to make good progress and were quite pleased and surprised to be overtaking other boats!! at about the half way mark, Mark C wanted a row so swapped with me which cost us a bit of time  but we soon got back into the Rhythm and continued to make good progress. After another hour of rowing the boredom started to set in so we started chanting and counting to chivvy ourselves along also at this point we were in the middle of a horrid storm with thunder and lightning right over head and driving rain. Then finally Scottie said we were nearing the finish line so we all had a final last surge of energy and went flying through the finish line to the sound of cannon!! which was really exciting!

Ouse Rewet finished at 3.16.29

And came in 220th Followed 11 minutes later by Lynn Rewet who finished at 3.27.09

And came in 258th

last year’s team finished in 3.32.39

And were 260th

So all in all a good result with Lynn Rewet beating last years’ time by 5 mins and two places And Ouse Rewet, smashing last year’s team by 16 mins and moving up 40 places !!!!!! After, some of us went for a drink in the big disco tent but were too worn out to stay for the prize giving.

Well done to all……and thank you to the towers Bob and Julian and really big thank you to Scottie for organising everything Ps the winning boat was a St Ayles Skiff that finished in 2.32.52!!!!!

So everything to aim for…!

Author: Bob Panrucker

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