Tidal advice

Location tidal advice (Launch & recover windows)

UKHO Tidal predictions (Kings Lynn)

UKHO Tidal predictions (Wells)

Nb: if the Height of tide (H.O.T.) at Kings Lynn is less than 6m, all coastal locations will be challenging and Burnham and Brancaster may have no water to launch!

Understand the currents where you are rowing (max. speed will always be halfway between HW and LW with no current at HW or LW ; unusually, King’s Lynn Ebbs for 8hrs and Floods for 4hrs).

Currents will run fastest at Mean High Water Springs (MHWS – when the tides are at their highest High Waters. About 7.5 to 8m at KL) You will not be able to row against the Great Ouse’s peak flow (7 to 8 kts!)

Usable water times:

Denver Sluice N/A

Hickling Broad N/A

Kings Lynn HW –2 to HW +2

Hunstanton HW-3 to HW+3

Thornham HW-2 to HW +2

Brancaster Staithe HW-2 to HW +2

Burnham Overy HW-2 to HW +2

Wells HW-3 to HW +3

Brancaster HW-2 to HW +2

Further Reference:

How tides are referenced
Sample King’s Lynn prediction: note the daylight saving adjustment!

How tides work: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tide

This is a useful App (if you’re on Android): https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sfr202.tide7&gl=GB