Wells next the sea March 15 2020

With Will, Mark, Scottie and Carol in the boat and myself walking with my dog (due a shoulder injury) we headed off into the wind from the slipway out along the channel and up to the lifeboat station. It was very interesting walking the route listening and chatting to people along the way and witnessing their reactions to seeing our lovely boat bobbing along the channel, all very positive. I arrived at the beach just in time to join them for a cuppa and a chat. We saw both life boats being launched which was a treat. As it was very windy and with only 3 rowers it was decided not to go out any further but to head back. It was nice for me to see the boat in action from the shore for a change it looked very impressive especially in the wind with a moody sky and no other boats around. When sitting in the boat rowing it feels quite big and strong but from the shore it looked quite the opposite. I arrived back at the slipway as the rowers did and we pulled her out and went up and settled Ouse Rewet into her new summer holiday home by the sailing club. All in all another very pleasant morning by the sea.



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