A 9am start on a lovely clear morning.
We (Keith Mark Alison Scottie and Will) set off out of the harbour toward the beach. It was fairly calm and we’d made good progress so we decided to carry on along the beach to see a family of seals who were lazing on the beach. As we passed we half jokingly set ourselves the challenge of rowing out to the fairway buoy! We kept on going and going the swell was getting higher and the rowing harder but we pushed on and after a time we made it!! Feeling very proud of ourselves we set of back to the beach where we stopped for hot chocolate and a quick change of positions before rowing back to the slipway. I believe as a club we had once before rowed right the way out, but for some in the boat it was a first and although very tiring we were all glad to have made the effort, rowing back we saw quite a few seals and some very large sea birds. Well worth the effort.

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